Timeline problem/confusion?


I hope my question will make sense to you guys.

I am making a graphical number pad for students to input a number code to access the next page. I made a number pad by making squares with numbers on them. I then duplicated those and put them off the scene.

I have several timelines:

Main Timeline - playing a movie that is counting down for a minute for you to input the code.
Button 1
Button 2
Button 3
Button 4
Button 5

The buttons in the scene I set when clicked they take you back to button one timeline

On button 1 timeline I take the first number I want in my code from off the scene to lay over the old button. This one when clicked loads button 2 timeline. On button two the same thing happens again, it places the “new” button 1 back off the scene, while taking the new button 2 on the scene which will load button 3.

Here is the problem,

Lets say the password is: 12345

When someone pushes 1 it “readies” button 2 got that to work. My problem is if they push the wrong button series like, say 12789 when it loads timeline button 1 it will still register that button two has taken place. So all they need to do is push 345 and they are in. I hope that makes sense.

What I think it need is a way to reset the timelines for the buttons without restarting the entire scene as I want the countdown timer.

Please any advice as to how to jump to an older timeline and reset the other newer time lines that you unlocked.

Thanks much

Is there a reason you’re not just keeping track of the buttons as they’re activated?


password = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]

button press: append (cache, buttonNumber) - might create an array such as [1, 2, 4, 5, 3]

if cache != password, they entered the wrong sequence.

In other words, you probably need to do this in code, rather than as a timeline animation.

I don’t know how to code, so timeline annimation is the only way I know how. Any suggestions as to how to reset timeline events you jump to a time in the timeline?

And thanks for the quick reply. This is one of the best communities I know.

I’d probably do this as scenes, rather than in a single timeline.

Scene 1 has your button pad in it. Only one button there will move you to scene 2. All the rest just return you to the beginning of scene 1.

Scene 2 has the buttons again. Only one button will move you to scene 3. Any of the others put you back at scene 1.

Scene 3 has the buttons too. Only one thee moves you to scene 4. All the rest put you back at scene 1.

So on and so forth until you get to scene 5, which also has the buttons again. Only one button moves you to the next ‘page’, which is itself kept in another scene (or loads a website, whatever). The other buttons … you know the drill.

So say your button pad looks like this:

[1] [2] [3]
[4] [5] [6]
[7] [8] [9]

and your password is 12345.

Scene 1’s button pad would have just the [1] button coded to move you to scene 2. The other 8 buttons would return you to the start of scene 1.

On scene 2, only button [2] would move you to scene 3. All 8 other buttons would kick you back to the beginning.

Does that make sense?

Edited to add a quick example.

keypad.hype.zip (71.6 KB)

Thanks for the suggestion… I have already done that and it has worked several times for me. The only difference for me this time is that I have that movie countdown timer playing. IF I reload scene one the timer gets reset.

Any ideas around this?

I think Warren has the best approach for this. Coding would probably be a good option but I appreciate that you cannot code so a more creative approach would be needed. By the way, there is an option “got to time in timeline” if that answers your question. @mmatera. Or do you mean that you have created actions that go to a specific time and you want to reset those?


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You got it…

If you have entered the first three parts of the code and click a wrong number, I want it to take you back to button 1 timeline and reset the others as if you had never clicked those. Really just like his scene examples, but with timelines instead.


First guess would be to put the timer in a persistent symbol, one that exists across all the scenes. You’d set your timer to start when the entire movie loads; it should run as the user moves around the various scenes. Once the time is up, have it move them to a ‘you blew it’ page.

There’s no timer of any kind attached to the symbol in the file here; it’s just an example. It’ll be up to you to determine how to time things.

keypad_with_symbol.hype.zip (100.1 KB)

Ok, I tried this, the persistent element is a cool feature I didn’t know about. I see what you are trying to do but the problem is that my timer is a video file. The element shows up on all slides, however when you load the next scene it is just a black box and does not continue the video. Any tips to get around this problem.


Got it to work with the audio of the count down… I just wish I could do it with the video countdown. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Hmm. I’d imagine a persistent video would keep playing no matter where it was! I wonder if it’s set to autoplay on load? Maybe that’s toggling the playback.

ANYway, here’s something you might want to try. I’ve set up a symbol set that shows a decreasing time-o-meter, with a timeline action at the 60-second mark that kicks the user to a ‘time’s up’ screen. (Passcode is still the same. :wink: )

This is the least painful way I know to do what you want to do, with timelines only, not relying on any code. The next step up would be to explore setting a timeout through JavaScript.

The problem here - and it’s a bit of a PITA - is that moving from scene to scene does not unload the symbol of the animation bar, even on scenes where it is not present.

What this means in practice is that if you enter the correct code, and are moved to the ‘correct!’ scene, after 60 seconds you will still be kicked out to the ‘time’s up’ screen. I’ve tried telling Hype to pause the timeline on the symbol instance, but it doesn’t seem to respond. This is what we in the programming world call a bug. :confounded: That, or I’m doing it wrong, which is also possible.

The workaround for that is to unload the entire Hype file, I fear, by sending the user to another URL entirely. Of course, if that was your purpose all along, well … mazel tov.

keypad_with_bar.hype.zip (94.8 KB)

Belay that; It was my mistake. Here’s a debugged version.

keypad_with_bar.hype.zip (95.4 KB)

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Here is what I have done… Hope you like it. Thanks for the help today. Coun’t get the video to work over scenes but I striped the audio out and used that. I really like your bar graph I am going to try to add that to this as well.

New Test copy.zip (2.2 MB)

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Well, it’s certainly a thing. Ideally your students handle stress reasonably well! :smiley: