Timeline not to run on load

Hi All,
just stated with Hype, and can’t figure out a very simple thing. I’m trying to make a demo for a simple UI: There’s a circle, and I want it to fade out on hover, and another one to fade in at the same time. On hover out, the same thing should happen in reverse.
In hype the animation looks good, but the documentation says “Animations on the Main Timeline run when the scene is first loaded.” So I take my animation, put it in a new timeline, and delete all animations in the Main Timeline. Then I add an hover-animation to my circle, telling it to start my newly created timeline on hover, and to start it in reverse on hover out.

Only, that doesn’t work, nothing happens.
It’s probably a very simple thing, but I just can’t figure it out (or find any info on it).

Thanks for any advice,

Can you zip the project and post it back here

Is anything on top of that element? As Mark said, seeing a document would be helpful.

The element that’s suppose to fade in is on top of the one that should fade out - could that be the problem?
The zipped project is too big to attach (4 MB), please find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kjl8q9wddbg0o7i/cluster%20animation.zip?dl=0


It looks like you did not set up any mouse over or mouse out actions?.

Also I would put all the elements for the circles in a group and then put the actions on the group.
Do it @Daniel’s way works better…:smile:

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Yeah I wasn’t seeing any hover / mouse out actions on the top group.

Here’s how I would set this up: https://cl.ly/3B100k1y1c21

Sorry, I must have deleted my actions when trying to work it out before I uploaded :confused:
Anyhow, just changing the layer order did it, too.

I used “start timeline”, whereas Daniel used “Continue timeline”. Both seems to work, but is there an advantage of one over the other?

In any case, thanks a million!

If ‘Continue timeline’ is run in the middle of a timeline’s execution, it won’t restart the timeline and make a quick stutter – it will continue gracefully. Same in reverse: if you mouse out, you don’t want the timeline to make any quick movements, you just want to get it back to time zero.

Okay, great - I’ll experiment with that.

Thanks again,