Timeline not playing after button action

I have an action button which goes to a specific time on the timeline (at 3 seconds) and I have set a timeline action at this point to play the timeline, but it never start. I have read the documentation and tried numerous things but it never plays.
To be clear, here are the steps I try to achieve:

  1. When the project load the timeline is suspended
  2. When a user click on the text “Mental disorders”, it goes to the timeline at 3 seconds
  3. It plays the timeline from 3 seconds
    Here is my project:
    chapitre4.zip (583.1 KB)
    Please help me


I took a different approach… I removed the timeline action keyframe (“Continue Timeline…” command) at three seconds and instead added that same command in the “On Mouse Click” action You already have in place for the “mental” element.

Side note: I searched for “mental illness stoke” on the Internet and came up empty. Do You mean “stroke”? Just checking.

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Thanks a lot Jim, I didn’t know that I could do that. Now it seems so logical!

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Yes, it’s “Stroke”. It’s an error made by the graphic designer, I’m waiting for the corrected file :slight_smile: