Timeline in Hype ignored after HTML5 export

@Daniel, I’m not sure if this is related to the “pre-load images” bug, so I thought I would mention you. This is the situation with my Hype file:

a) I built the Hype file originally with two 15 second scenes, but decided to consolidate the two into one longer 30 second scene.
b) Then, decided to eliminate the last 15 seconds of this one longer scene so that my whole Hype animation takes 15 seconds to animate/ play.
c) When I play in Hype, the animation cuts at 15 seconds like I want
d) When I export to video, same behavior, animation cuts at 15 seconds
e) When I export to HTML and run on my device, I get that extra 15 seconds of play that I thought I dropped off running only my background image.

I’m not sure how to address. Any help would be fantastic!! I have attached a version of the file. Export to HTML 11-24-15.zip (722.1 KB)Financials-Live Indices-UB Only.hype.zip (315.6 KB)Joyce

I’m not sure what you mean ‘running only my background image’ – what are you expecting to happen after 15 seconds? It appears that your three groups all become opaque at that time and the animation is complete. I’m not seeing any additional animations after the 15 second point.