Timeline Copy and Paste

It would be great if we can copy and paste timelines (objects and timeline animation) in conjunction.

When clicking on a element in the timeline window it would be great if one could use the arrows directly to move it around. Currently on can only do so if focusing it on the stage but thats often a drag because of overlapping elements.

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Feature request is partly based on this:

Thanks for the feedback.

I think this fundamentally boils down to a simple copy and paste with animations. If you’re copying all the elements, that is effectively copying a whole scene (and feel free to remove extraneous timelines). If you’re just wanting to copy a timeline, and it happens to be the main timeline (or a timeline with an identical name), it raises ambiguous questions such as do those animations get merged or put on a new timeline in the other scene?

Thus selecting elements and pasting with animations will get all elements and their animations for one timeline; they will then go on the selected timeline which you could’ve quickly made as a new one.

The hack some users have come up with is to ‘Edit > Edit Element’s Inner HTML’ and then hit escape. However do note that even if the element is ordered below, when you select an element from the timeline, any clicks on the element in the scene area will keep that element selected even if it is below other elements. There’s even a couple pixels of slop to make sure it isn’t accidentally moved.

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Yes that it what I was looking for… and voilà the option is part of the right click menu. Thats what I ment all along (as in Flash back in the days). I just didn’t see that option but was looking for it.

That feature request is then withdrawn. I’ll let the lady in the other thread know that there is a easy way todo it.

For the second point of this post… to make sure we don’t talk about different things I made a video … (Wittgenstein was so right about language and meaning) :speech_balloon:

Doing the same in Flash (aka Animate) moves the object… I thought that was rather convenient.

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Yes - we’re definitely on the same page. Some is a matter of preference - I like that selection is straight-forward (behaves consistently with the rest of the OS) and you can use arrow keys for the element list. Several users share your opinion; we may change if we hear it enough :slight_smile:.