Timeline conflicts without tool feedback

I have two timelines that want to animate the same element.
I define the "launch" timeline from top=327px to top=0px using recording button.
Then I define "land" timeline from top=0px to top=327px using record button.
Included is the example, but whichever timeline I edit last overwrites the animation for the element's other timeline. Neither is set to relative.timeline-conflicts.hype.zip (555.3 KB)
I've read suggested similar articles (Conflicting timelines, etc.) and they mention a timeline "owning" a property, but the Tool does not indicate this. A naive user (me, in this case) just creates timelines to modify elements when they are run. I can see the issue of "ping-ponging" when multiple timelines are competing to modify the same element property, but my case is not that.
Happy to live within the constraints of the tool (Hype is magically productive!) but when I try to change an element's property in a different timeline, in edit mode, the newly edited timeline apparently becomes the "owner" and redefines the animation in the other timeline with no indication of why.
At least a warning would be helpful.
I'll try the group timeline trick mentioned elsewhere as a workaround, but this is situation is going to recur with every new user without some kind of tool feedback.

The grouping trick worked in this case. Here is the example with that approach.
timeline-conflicts-fixed-by-grouping.hype.zip (555.8 KB)

In my actual application, I will have many different timelines animating the same element in a persistent symbol (at different times in different scenes). Guessing that I will have to have another group level for each timeline that wants to animate the same element property? This is going to get awkward.

The application has a spaceship/time capsule flying around on different missions in different sets of scenes. The ship element itself is a symbol that lives in a persistent symbol for the Heads Up Display (HUD) for the game, along with other game objects.

Any better ideas for managing lots of conflicting timelines?

I would realize the animation in just one timeline. Starting the 'landing' from the Main Timeline may end up in a hazzle, espacially, if you talk of controlling a lot of timelines in your project... In this case: just fire a timeline action at the end of the (I renamed it to...) the 'fly' timeline -> continue timeline, direction backwards. (Started the 'fly' timeline onLoad in the scene panel).

timeline-conflicts-fixed-by-grouping.hype 2.zip (561.7 KB)

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Yes, I wouldn't be using the Main timeline except in this simplified example. And if all I needed was a launch and landing on the same path, a simple reverse would be in order. But I have lots of different paths for the ship to travel. On your single timeline suggestion, I suppose I could load them all into a single timeline, separated by pauses, and then continue at a time point for each desired animation. That would move some of the complexity to my JS code, but probably easier to handle that a ton of nested groups. Thanks! More ideas?

timeline-conflicts.hype.zip (560.1 KB)

if you'd like to split it to several timelines you've got to record the initial state for each timeline at start. relative timelines also work like a charm regarding this setup ...


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Interesting. So your solution uses motion paths, which I was using in my application, and I was setting a keyframe to the start location, BEFORE I recorded the path. Looks like your solution gets around the "owning" issue, at least for motion paths. I wonder how to manage other attributes (scaling, rotation). I was also assuming I'd never use a relative timeline since I always had a fixed starting point, but I'll read up on them.

Thanks much!