Timeline + Button Action

Hi there , so i have a little issue with actions .
I build a hebrew watch which is controlled by plus minus buttons .
The issue is when i press minus button at the beginning of the timeline (when its on 12 am) to go reverse i have to press him two times in order to start working.
is it possible to do , so it goes for a first time ?

Here is the project file - > https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_-zBqGtQLcGenVJc2tNSnZCdkU/view?usp=sharing

It looks like the problem is in the transition from reversing from 0 in the time line to 12.

I have seen this before and I think it is seen as a logic bug. In most case it is not normally a problem.

Anyway I am sure some one at Tumult can explain it better, the logic was doing my head in using the timeline actions…

So I got it working with some javascript jiggery pokery.

The buttons fire the Javascripts.

And the actions on the time line are all Pauses.

hebrew watch.hypetemplate.zip (56.5 KB)


Wow !!! thanks a lot , it works perfect now . Amazing people here !

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