Timeline animation play only once on enter viewport

(Benjamin Stafford) #1

Hi There,

I have a web page that uses the enter viewport action to start a timeline when the user scrolls down the page. Currently every time I enter the viewport it starts the animation again which makes sense but I would really like it to stop after the first instance. I have looked at a few of the other posts (attached below) with a similar issue but I was unable to make those methods work.

Any hints? Thanks in advance!


You can use ‘Continue timeline’ instead, and since the timeline has finished, theres nothing to continue :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Stafford) #3

Thanks for the reply!

I tried continue timeline in the enter viewport action but then the timeline doesn’t play at all - I’m feeling a bit frustrated as I feel i’m missing something!

(Benjamin Stafford) #4

I got it! Thanks so much for your help.

(David) #5

You can post an example please (without code JS)? I can’t stop the animation after the first view/load. :frowning:
Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Are you saying you want your animation to not play again when refreshing the page? (But it should play once on first visit?)

(David) #7

Not refresh the page, but when it is visible by scrolling page, without refresh the page. I used viewport. :slight_smile:


You would set your viewport action to ‘continue timeline’ — so your timeline will keep trying to continue but it can’t.

(David) #9

I see what was wrong…
Creating the animation inside a symbol, in the main timeline, under the symbol layer created, was created a “blue line”, almost like represent the animation/time inside the symbol. With this items, the viewport is not working. I delated this “blue line” below the symbol, only in this way, the viewport works well!
Many thanks and sorry, but using hype (purchased on mac app store, standard + pro, black interface) only 1 week. Congratulations to the all team.