Time unit goes from 00:00,29 to 00:01,00 – why?

Hello guys,
this question is maybe stupid, but I absolutely don’t understand the time unit in Hype.
In the timetable the time goes up from 00:00,00 to 00:00,29 and then all of sudden it says 00:01,00.


30 frames per second

short but sweet! :slight_smile:

Here is a handy site that has a great conversion chart for 24 / 30 FPS -> seconds conversion.

example: 1 frame (@ 30 fps) = 0.03, 2 frames = 0.07, 3 frames = 0.10, etc…


Good for syncing animations to video in Hype.

One of my requests is for hype to have the option to choose framerate. Hopefully they’ll implement it at some point!

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