Time line loop button does not work in Hype Pro



I have not had any luck getting the loop button (next to the record button) to work in Hype Pro. I’ve tested and verified this issue in multiple computers and am still running into this issue. Any thoughts or ideas?


(Hervé) #2

The loop button is for previewing purpose only.

If you want to loop a timeline, you need to create a timeline action saying “Start the timeline” and choose the timeline you want to loop.


Hi Herve!

Thank for the reply. What’s strange is the loop feature doesn’t work for previewing. The timeline action works great I test in safari but the loop button does not work to preview a fluid animation.

Any other ideas?



Here’s how to loop an animation: Howto: Loop or Repeat an Animation

(stephen) #5

I think what Hervé meant is that the loop button only works when previewing in the Hype Application. When you preview in a browser the loop button has no effect. It is simply a playback control meant to make it easier to view your animations in Hype while you are editing them.



Thanks for your responses! I understand how the loop feature in the timeline works and what it’s ment for…the issue I’m having is that it does not work. I am not able to loop a preview using that button. When I hit play in the timeline, the playhead stops at the end of the animation. It does not loop back to the beginning when the loop button is on.

Any ideas?



(stephen) #7

Could you send me your document so I can take a look? You can zip it up and drag it into a reply, or go to Help->Report an Issue… in Hype.


Hi Stephen!

Thanks for your help!

I’ve added my test file and a small video showing the issue. Hope this helps!

Thanks again!


Hype Loop Issue.zip (10.9 MB)

(stephen) #9

That is definitely strange. The document works correctly on my machine could you go to Help->Report an Issue… in Hype so that I can take a look at your logs? Just make sure Send logs, preferences, and system information is checked.