Tidying up/ tweaking the hype document before final export


In the Actions Inspector, I frequently use the On Enter Viewport feature to start specific Timelines many times during the scrolling of my work within a browser or iBook. Is it helpful to use the On Exit Viewport equivalently to the On Enter Viewport on the Hype Document in order to keep the browser resources/ speed & the animation lightweight before final export (especially in the HERO section of the page).

What else can I do to ensure the document is at it’s best optimization power before final export in Hype Pro 4?

Just a thought & thanks in advance,

In general, it is good to stop animations that are outside the view. At least it is something you are controlling. There is also much done by the browser itself. But much like “Garbage Collection” I like to at least make sure that I stop any intervals and deregister event listener myself … specially if I am switching scenes and in the new scene they are not needed. So, I’d be using on scene unload with a cleanup function.

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