Thumbnail Generator consuming CPU and RAM

I have a large file I am working on. I have made a duplicate, so there are no previous versions anymore (cannot revert back to prior timestamp). However, my Activity Monitor shows Hype Thumbnail Generator consuming upto 70% CPU at times and has really slowed down the entire system. Refreshed the computer a few times too, however has not gone away.

So, what is the Thumbnail Generator and is there any way to bring this under control?


The “Hype Thumbnail Generator” is responsible for rendering the scene and layout preview images. It basically just takes the contents of the scene, renders into a web view, takes a snapshot, and hands the image to the main Hype application. There’s no way to disable it.

It’s in a bit of a “sandbox” so shouldn’t be allowed to use a lot of resources that would be too CPU demanding, but perhaps there’s some content that we haven’t accounted for causing it to do much more work than it needs.

Would it be possible if you can send a zip of your .hype document and let me know which version of Hype and especially which version of macOS you are using? You can use ‘Hype > Report an Issue…’ to send it to us, and please make sure to include logs. Thanks!