This webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred - solved

Hi I have been working on my website and seem to have this error message quite a bit and I was wondering if perhaps it was how I have approached the build. is a live example - a quick way to get the error is to try landscape mode on an iPhone. (Portrait is a lot more stable, but scrubbing with touch can also trigger it.)

If you look at the console you’ll see that you’re using Application Cache that has been deprecated

This feature has been removed from the Web standards. Though some browsers may still support it, it is in the process of being dropped. Do not use it in old or new projects. Pages or Web apps using it may break at any time.

Maybe that’s it?

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Oh thank you, I’ll give it a go - I forgot that I left it on during development.

Yes, this absolutely fixed it! (And another small issue I was having with buttons sometime resetting the timeline unexpectedly.)

If you need offline caching there are some new methods using webworkers. But that would require some coding…




Although that’s not for this project, I can see that being very handy in the future - thanks!