Thin Hype library for SVGs

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    We produce a big quantity of banner ads which are usually limited in size at 150KB, but we noticed that when using SVGs, the full Hype library is exported instead of the thin one, which adds 15KB - would it be possible to include SVG support in the thin library ?

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Thanks for the feedback; we of course would prefer this too but as it currently stands the weight required to add vector shape features to the thin runtime would not make it so thin anymore. With each major release we investigate ways to reduce runtime sizes and re-evaluate tradeoffs when progress is made.

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Thank you very much for the reply Jonathan.
Please note that I was only referring to ordinary, non-animated SVGs images imported into the resource library, not vector shapes.

If you just drag in a .svg file, it will not require the full runtime and should use the thin one, unless there is something else in your document that requires the full runtime.

You’re welcome to post a zip of the .hype document (reduced if possible) and I an take a look if this isn’t what you’re seeing.

Hi Jonathan,
Here is:

  • the Hype document used for both exports (using the DCM export script)
  • the exported zip with the svg
  • the exported zip without the svg
    Hope this helps. (97.0 KB)

Thanks. I looked at the export and noticed you are using Hype 4.0.1, where I can reproduce with your document. It does seem fixed in Hype 4.0.5. Can you update to the latest version and give it a try?

(The change wasn’t actually related to SVGs; that particular element is set to use motion paths which used the full runtime in earlier v4.0.x versions but we later put that back into the thin runtime because we thought the size was worth the tradeoff)

The upgrade to 4.0.5 did the trick.
Thanks a lot, as (un)usual, your support is incredibly fast and absolutely first-class.


Great, glad that did the trick!