These functions works only in desktop

Im experiencing some odd behaviour.

The buttons on the scene “menu_historia” works just fine, they change color when clicked, both in desktop and in the iPad.

But the buttons in "menu_servicios_onstar”, which use similar codes to the one in “menu_historia” only works when displayed on desktop, when run in the iPad they doesn’t work.

Here is a live version (Live version working now, solution in comments)

It looks like you didn’t have ‘services_onstar…’ running on that scene. The only other difference is that items are in a group in the history page, but not in the onstar page – I’m not really sure why this would be happening.

Yeah, Im still confused about this.

  • “history_buttons” are functions that control the buttons on the scene “menu_historia”
  • “servicios_onstar_buttons” are the functions that control the buttons on the scene “menu_servicios_onstar”

So far I can tell, both are similar, only the IDs are different, Im lost here.

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I noticed it only works when “use touch events” is disabled, but im sure there is a way to make it work without disabling it.


.unbind().click(function() {


.unbind().on('click touchstart', function() {

Does the trick.

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