The Worms Party (for chicks)

Hi guys, here another template for HypePro4.

…feed this lovely gang of chicks, but be careful not to give too many worms to the same chick!
not a real game but a nice pastime :sunglasses:

No code or images, only timeline and vector shape.

preview (794.5 KB)
More info in HypeDocks

hope you like it!


Your outdoing yourself. Nice!
I’d disallow zooming the viewport on mobile devices if possible.

Very cute chicks!

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I didn’t notice, you’re right, thanks

Yeah it’s fun, I made this design with Kaleido App (IOS) and I thought I’d animate it in hype.

We can even “dirty” the sign with your trick!! maybe is a missing thing to make the illustration more natural?

Yes, nice place for the wiggle… although it hits on performance on the game screen. In the intro it is fine!

Update: added “HypeSquiggleEnabler”

@MaxZieb [here your HypeSquiggleEnabler 1.1] use chrome ( ( setting “medium”)

and here my new style “static” ,just to see the static style

    .squiggleStatic {
    	-webkit-animation-duration: 9.9s !important;
    	animation-duration: 9.9s !important;
    	  animation: squiggly-anim 30s infinite;; 

guys, which is your favorite?

Nice that you dusted of the effects. I abandoned the project as Safari demands this to be done on SVG and disallows the SVG effects on DIV’s. As long as your targeting the SVG path it should be fine though.

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