The use of Undo (cmd+z)

If one used the ‘undo’ multiple times one loses track of what keyframe was altered. The undo also doesn’t jump to the undone keyframe with each ‘undo’ pressed. You see changes happening on the timeline. But your own memory must help you to see what was undone.

Could it be possible the canvas jumps to the given scene and point on the timeline, to where the ‘undo’ is currently changed?

It not just that, you could also have a lot of JS edits in between. You could be in scene view but the undo/redo is working on you function edits.

I end up just holding it down a praying I remember each change and where…

The old saying bend over, hold your ankles and kiss your arse goodbye springs to mind every time I have to do that

Hello Mark,

I do yoga, but I haven’t tried that pose before. Sound complicated.


let me know how you get on… or er actually… don’t :smirk:

Okay and sorry for the distraction.

That was a smirk not a frown… :smile:

Thanks for the feedback! Improving undo (including changing the UI to reflect the views where the undos occur) is one of the areas in Hype that is due for an overhaul. (I could go on very long rants about how undo is handled on the mac is entirely wrong after using it for a large app…)