The shaking images

when i use the imported images to make a zooming animation,the image will always shaking… There is any way to slove it

shaking (22.0 KB)

Hi @Mikehua

This will be solved in the next release. Better scaling solutions will be implemented.


oh,thanks . but,do you know what time will be the next release ? There is any introduction about the next release that you known ?

It will be very soon.


Is there anything you can add?


We’ll announce the new version on our Twitter account first: Soon is still the timeframe :slight_smile:

OK,thanks,I have already followed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any update on this topic? My costumers are going nuts sometimes due to the shaking of short animations.

I normally build in a swipe-movement to easy it out. But that is not wanted. (87.3 KB)

It looks like for this document you need to uncheck ‘Position with CSS left/top’ and you’ll get desired results.

There is still an issue with pixel movements (the source of shakiness when doing slow animations) on IE11+ and Edge, but this is partially fixed already for the next release.