The painted clock

I combined digital art and old fashioned painting to make a clock interface. It’s a bit silly but I had a lot of fun with this (and once again Hype made the whole project a breeze). I used Hype Beta’s spritesheets along with a jerry-rigged video setup to record myself paints digits, days, and months. After a few pots of coffee, this is the result :laughing: You can even change the time format from 12 hours to 24. The idea was inspired by Yugo Nakamura’s “Industrious Clock”.


This is how I filmed myself painting the numbers for the clock. I made a rig to hold the phone by poking holes in a protein powder container lid and wrapping wire around the base of an old fly fishing clamp I found at a yard sale. Set that on a pack of La Croix, and then hit record. I painted each number, flipped the page, and viola! :rofl: Kinda ghetto, but necessity (and budget) are the well spring of all inventions.


Very cool! Like it!! :smiley::+1::+1:


This is great!

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Absolutely fantastic! Would love to have this as a screensaver.

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