The linked elements disappear

Hello! In the year I’ve being using Hype there is a recurrent problem that troubles me a lot (specially on big projects). Everything is ok and suddenly (sometimes even without closing Hype) all the images in the project lose their link to the original images and I have to relink them one by one. This happens out of the blue way too many times and it’s quite annoying, when it’s and manageable project, but when it’s a big project with several scenes and many timelines on each one is a major problem. What is happening? Is it normal? How can I avoid it? and if happens, is there a way to relink everything fast, not one by one?

Thank you very much.

To clarify, are you losing the actual images in the project, or just the linkage? That is, does the image appear, but external edits and going back to Hype doesn’t ask to update?

Hype copies images into the document, and then preserves a “bookmark” to the original. This is a macOS technology that is conceptually similar to an alias or symlink. Unfortunately the exact mechanics of the bookmark is a black box - I think there are several operations that might make it lost depending on how a file is moved, renamed, or copied.

Hi! thanks for answering. The image disappears from the screen and from the Resources box (of course the original image still is where I took it from). The only thing left is the empty box where the image used to be. So, every time it happens I have to go box by box clicking on Element/background/image and browse again to the original image.

working local or resources stored on shared volumes or network¿

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Are the original images held on the local HD or are the y held across a network. If the latter what type of network connection are you using to the volume they are on. I.e smb, afp…

Do you get any warnings when the images do this.
What version of Hype are you using.

Also open and see if there are any log entries to Hype when this happens.

I do have them in a network and I think it’s smb. I do not get warnings at all. It happens without any previous notice. I use Version 3.5.3 (538) Professional Edition. Sorry mi ignorance but, how can I check

Could it be that if I work local this won’t happen?

This is our thinking. smb is known for not playing well with Macs. due in part to Apples /MS way of dealing with it. It is possible that the finder/system has gaps in being able to communicate with the smb volume and loses the bookmark references it uses for the file links. (similar to if the volume was unmounted )

Try and copy the image files to the local HD and use them from there, see if the problem goes away on projects that do this

Thank you very much. I will try it and I’ll let you know if the problem persists.

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If you can also submit a report via Help > Report an Issue… and make sure “Send logs, preferences, and system information” is checked, that would be useful.

Sure,no problem. Just sent. I hope it helps.