The Botbusters - Animation for a game intro

I share with you the last work done with Hype, also for video output.

Hype is not the best tool when you do animation for video mainly because of the lack of onion paper and the masks issue. I know that Hype is not made for that purpose, its focus is the web, still you can make wonderful animations, like the works of many of you. I am still learning.

This time I had a lot of problems using ClipPath. I don't know why, it didn't work, so I made the animation of the spray painting by grouping the png image and hiding the external part (I had to make the animation, find the sound effects and edit the final video from one day to another, that's why I couldn't do more research). As it is a diagonal movement it was quite laborious but I managed to do it.

By the way, I used the dCam (camera) to make the whole sequence shot.


That's fantastic! Are you able/willing to share the .hype document? I'm sure folks (myself included) would love to see your construction if possible. (If not, that's understandable!)

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@jonathan It is a good idea but I cannot share this document because it is part of a project in which I am just another collaborator. But I am committed to do something similar with other characters and scenery to contribute to the community. Besides I have already found the bug with the clipPath, so I could present it with all the "extras" (I'm looking to include also the sound to make a web version).

That yes, it will have to be from October, because now I don't have time but I'll be happy to do it.


No worries, and you are definitely contributing plenty simply by showing your work like this! I'm looking forward to seeing your next piece :slight_smile:.