That old Dropdown menu question again

My problem isn't with creating one, plenty of good examples around and on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My question is (and my search found 2 more questions about this here but not an answer), how do you implement a Hype created dropdown menu in an HTML page?

No matter what I try, suggested solutions like this:
or working with different z-indexes, I cannot stop my menubar from pushing the (other Hype) content underneath it down.

This is the desired effect:

But this is how it at the moment looks:

Maybe someone has some time to shed some light on this?

I've included a sample HTML page in the zip-file plus the Hype docs incase those are needed for this. (742.6 KB)

you'd like to set position of 'carousel_hype_container' to absolute and set a top-value ...

or shrink the height of the menu and set the overflow to visible


Thank you! :slight_smile: I'll try to work with that! See how far I get, I'm not very well versed with CSS.

Got it working! :star_struck: