Thank you tumult for being directly involved in support

I had an issue with a company this week which I needed to be resolved ASAP.

The Company like many, many companies out there have a support model which puts a ring fence around themselves insulating them from us.

I have found more and more companies are not offering a direct contact to the people who actually can resolve your issue. Admittedly some companies should do this but many who actually do this should have someone you can directly talk to or get a response from.

Its all going faceless and via ticket systems.

A short while back I opened a ticket for something urgent ( stopping the shipping of a package ) and only as a last resort since there was no contact number or direct email. No human involved at the coal face.

The ticket response time is normally 24h. I then made the mistake of updating the ticker 12 frustrating hours later.
Not realising that in doing so I had reset the tickets response time to 24hrs. I mean WTF.

Some do have forums where other users can help, just like Tumult does.

But the really big difference is a presence of people from the actual company.

Now I know tumult does have a ticket system for bugs. But on the forum there is a clear presence by Company people.

So this is why I want to Thank Tumult.

Thank you for putting your customers first and not shying aware from the coal face.


Thanks Mark, that’s really nice to hear. We’ve all had experiences with companies and products that left a sour taste in our mouth. So our way of operating is making a support system that we would want to (as customers) interact with. Back to the coal face!