Textured buttons not working in iOS

Since the update in December any app that I make will not function properly in iOS though they function fine on Windows or Mac OS. Specifically text buttons that change color when hovered over or clicked do not function in iOS. I am using Hype 3.5 Pro. Also, when I open apps that I have previously made (before the update) and run them on Hype Reflect they don’t work. Anyone else having the same trouble?

broken app URL: http://newsinslowjapanese.com/wp-content/hype/048.html
functioning app URL: http://newsinslowjapanese.com/wp-content/hype/045.html

Can you post the projects.

You are getting an undefined error, but it is hard to work out what is undefined due to the error pointing to hype

Thanks for looking into this.

Here is a link to a folder containing two projects: one functioning, one not.