Text vertical justify over a rectangle


after little animation with some pins, there will be some text displayed (fade in / fade out) over an rectangle. Then the animation goes back to the thin line (1st image)

But, the text is not the same aligned in all browser … :frowning:

Anybody an idea? Is it a bug or must i use any fix for some pc/browser?

Thanks a lot

I don’t see anything different in the three browsers you listed


though there will always be small differences between browser … not hyperelated …

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Yes, in my example, the difference is only 1 pixel. I had meanwhile made some attempts to compensate. However, the customer had complained.
I want to make sure it looks the same on all browsers. So this does not seem possible. OK.

But i can not find, how 2 objects could be vertically aligned to one another…
I have expected that would be possible by shortcut or however in the toolbar

But, thanks @all

you should always consider serving a simple hypefile along with explanation.

by default hype positions are absolute. so if you place to elements they’ll simply keep their positions …

I think so, but how do I solve the problem about the different browser (Mac/PC) "incompatibility"?

Maybe you could use a jpg of your text???

Thanks, but I think that would be too much effort. Especially due to pending further corrections

However, there are a lot of pins (see one example attached) with different text …
And i need the a mask effect, i think…

Because i don’t code anything here, it is already to much inconvenient for me.
As i mentioned anywhere, a option for “Symbol Overrides” like Sketch app has, would be helpful :wink:

Pin-Anim_Base.hype.zip (2,1 MB)