Text transition 'jittery'


I'm still a Hype novice and was wondering why the text path I've created isn't smooth. The transition of the words is slightly 'jittery'. Am I doing something wrong? Any/ all help would be appreciated.



you may provide an example. (btw Hype does not support text on a path out of the box ...)

ZU Yoga animation.zip (204.5 KB)

that's jittery :slight_smile:

what's about scaling instead of increasing the fontsize.
the greatest occurance of element should be 100% so start with a scaled down 'yoga' ... also I'd speed up the animations and not mix transparency effect with transforms of an element.

perhaps using img instead of font would also create smoother animations.

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Thanks for taking a look and the suggestions. I'll give them a try over the weekend. Scaling down makes sense. The Z and U scale down and they are much smoother.

Nochmal vielen Dank


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Looking at the doc I'd bet money just using the scale property will be enough to fix this problem :slight_smile:, so definitely remove the font size animations try this route first.

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 1.22.52 PM

Font size animations use "integral" scaling whereas the scale can render at fractional sizes. Typically it is able to re-render text entirely keeping it sharp the entire time. (There are some circumstances like having filter effects or 3D where the browser renders more like a bitmap image, but you do not have these).

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Thanks Jonathan.

After around 2 hours of trial and much error, I finally resolved the issue. Regrettably, none of the above suggestions actually worked (in this case, anyway). I switched from changing the font size to 'scaling', but it was still as jittery as ever.

The problem appeared to be caused by the pins. All the different elements in my animation were pinned to top, bottom, left and right. I simply 'unpinned' bottom and right, and now the text path is perfectly smooth. I did, however, keep using text scaling instead of font size, so maybe that still does contribute to the overall successful solution.

I do, genuinely, appreciate your help Hans and Jonathan, and look forward to benefitting again from the combined knowledge of users of this great forum in the future. Man, I have so much to learn about Hype!

(PS) Just bought Whisk and it's equally as great.


Thanks - and I'm glad you were able to figure it out!

If you happen to have one of the versions with scaling that didn't work too well, feel free to send it our way as I'd just be generally curious to see what was happening in that case.

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