Text Scrolling Triggered By Separate Element

Is it possible to click and hold on an element, say a down arrow graphic, and have that action cause text in a separate text box to scroll down. Seems like it should be quite simple but I can’t figure out how to do it.


The solution requires javascript. The way you would do it is:

  1. Set a unique element ID for the element that has content overflow to scroll
  2. Add a On Mouse Down action to a button that runs javascript to start a timer (setInterval) that will increase the .scrollTop value of the element every 17ms. Make sure to save this interval timer as a variable.
  3. Add a On Mouse Up action to a button that runs javascript which stops the timer (clearInterval).

Sample project here:
ScrollButton.hype.zip (49.5 KB)

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Thank you for the prompt reply. Now let’s see how I get on with that.

Worked perfectly. Thank you so much!

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Great, glad to hear that!

Here’s the site, made entirely in Hype. Love this program!


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My mouth is salivating, and not just at the buttery smooth animations! :wink:


Kitchen Sisters is my girlfriend’s catering company and everything you see on the site she cooked, so I pretty much get to eat like that all the time. I should be the size of a house, but somehow I’m not.

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Yum. very nice and the site…:grinning:

I’m just about to tuck in to one of those burgers! :grinning:

Nice, however the site is not responsive, have you planned an upgrade?

Yes, that’s my next task, to make it ‘responsive’. Just really needed to get something up first as she’s getting a lot of ‘word of mouth’ so there are abundant opportunities to tell people to go look at the site. Plus, I’ve got a ton of other work on at the moment so had to do what I could in the time available. But, yes, now I need to get it mobile. Not really looking forward to all that faff, but it has to be done.