Text scaling vw

When changing font size to vw via a div’s inner HTML it behaves as expected in browser but at larger vw sizes it really starts messing up the composition. The line height setttings can’t be adjusted and it pushes the text right down in it’s containing div. I think because it updates the font size in the text inspector panel to try and match the vw size in px. Is there any work around to stop the px adjustment, or any other way to keep line height at 0px??

Is there a reason why you don’t offer vw as an option in the text panel?

It isn’t clear to me this will fix the problem, but if you explicitly type a 0 in the line height field then it will always be set to zero. By default it is in an automatic mode based on the text size.

It is a good feature request to allow for different measurement systems. Primarily Hype is exclusive in px to keep down complexity and Flexible Layout handles a lot of resizing cases.

Hi @jonathan,

Thanks for your response, I agree flexible layout is pretty :ok_hand:t2: and I love it. Would be great to have the option for vw and vh too I find it better for larger typography where the flexible layout options are great for handling paragraphs and blocks of text.

weirdly, I noticed when adding the innerHTML if you begin to add another tag before the

tag the text jumps back up to it’s expected position but if you close it or correct the syntax it drops back down inside the div.

For example:

`<p style="font-size:50vw;"> 1.</p>`

Change to:

`<div <p style="font-size:50vw;"> 1.</p>`

Text jumps back up to expected position, if you close out of the innerHTML and go back in, Hype automatically updates it to:

`<div <p="" style="font-size:50vw;"> 1.<p></p></div>`

But it looks and functions the way you expect it to ??

Perhaps this is just a copy/paste issue onto the forums, but if not, then the problem is that this tag is malformed since the <div isn’t closed with a greater than character. Hype’s text editing is simply the browser’s contentEditable field, so probably it is trying to properly terminate the tags and resulting in the bit of jumble mess in the last part.

If it is that hype itself is inserting the malformed tag and you have steps to reproduce that (from start to finish are best!) please let me know.