Text on timelines

If I insert a text box on an additional timeline, it also appears on my main timeline. I only want it to show in the additional timeline. Any ideas how to acheive this?

Just make the text box invisible on the Main Timeline (Opacity 0% or Visibility “Hidden”) - set keyframes for the text box in the additional timeline (either Opacity 100% or Visibility “Visible”)


Also try and change the way you look at this.

You have a text box on a Scene.

Animations ( changes in position and properties ) have to happen with some sort of timing.

A Scene has a Main Timeline. A time line shows you these timings.

Main Timeline is the defualt timing interface for you to set/control those timings and animation changes via element properties and keyframes/actions on the timeline.

You can add more Timelines.
All scene time lines have access to all elements ( the same elements) on a Scene.

Adding another timeline means that you can batch animations on it and not on the Main timeline.
Thus breaking animations up like this gives you more control.

If every animation was on the Mian timeline and you have a mouse click action that should start a paricular part of your overall animation, you would have do it as a go to time on timeline and then continue time line but this gets even more complicated because you may need that bitof animation to loop.
You also likely will be running bits of animations that you do not want to run just yet.

if you break out that bit of animation to its own timeline then when you click the button your can use start timeline named… it will run along side the main timeline and only for its private duration or even loop.

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Thanks for the reply Mark. Very helpful. I think the thing taht was confusing me was the fact that other elements in my new timeline were not visible on the main timeline, but the textbox was. Looking at it fresh - I think this was coincidentally because the other elements had zero opacity on the main timeline (although I don’t recall making them so).

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Adding to what @MarkHunte says, conceptually I like to think of timelines as “streams of animations.” (and animations themselves are just property changes over time). You can trigger the stream starting with actions, but they aren’t a full state. This is because you can have multiple timelines running simultaneously on the same scene.

When editing alternate timelines, the one thing to keep in mind is that the displayed state is based of the current values of the main timeline. (Because the state does need to come from somewhere in the editing environment!) But this may not reflect how it will appear when running, depending on what animations/timelines have been triggered.


Thank you Jonathan - that makes sense. I’m building an on-line course. Hype is really excellent for this purpose.

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Awesome - when you’re done, feel free to post the course here for folks to check out if you can make it publicly available :slight_smile: