Text not visible on preview/export

Maybe a newb situation, as i just started using Hype.
I haev created a banner with some text tarnsitions and on Preview or Export text is not visible!

Any advice here? Thanx
Hype file here - http://fon.yt/o


Your onload scene action is set to start Timeline ‘none’ you need to set it to ‘box’

Thanx Mark, i have set it to “box” - [screenshot][1]
[1]: https://www.evernote.com/l/AAISjECoVzRILpAgGPGhNltWJ60dXJAMfOQ

now the text is appearing all at once in the Preview, and is not playing in loop, acting differently from the result i get when Playing it in Hype: http://screencast.com/t/gTmvzjeNho

Do you have another good advice for me?

Check your keyframes. You have Instant and start at 100% opacity, without giving a 0 opacity first.

At the end of the animation, add a timeline action telling it to play the timeline again if you want to loop?

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Since you want instant you can use the display property.

To get the blinking on and off in this is slightly counter intuitive. I had to set all the text hidden on the main TL. and start hidden on the box TL jump to visible and then hidden again. It’s late and I am tired so I may be missing something obvious here. I don’t remember it being that fiddly…

Temp link to example

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Oh Mark, thank you very much for being so fiddly. Seeing the changes you have made showed me where i was messing things.