Text animation abruptly stops

I have an group of dynamic text that slide in from the left.
The motion is smooth until the last frame where the object "snaps"into place.
Could this be an issue with keyframe smoothing?

Thanks for the video . It shows us what you are seeing.
But it would also help if you could post the project so we can see how your effect is made up.

Here is an example of the project.

Glitchy Text Animation.zip (94.3 KB)

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It looks like running this successfully requires an additional text.xml file to be served from an XMLHTTPRequest.

So while I don’t have a proper test, I don’t see anything that would particularly cause this behavior. The minor things you could change would be:

  • Give the elements a greater width
  • Use top/left positioning instead of motion paths
  • Delete the unused opacity keyframe for the text elements

What environment do you see this behavior in? Hype’s editor? A specific browser, OS, or device?

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this does the job.

the issue appears because hypes automatic on resizing textelements is still active in your document. this is default until you set dimensions manually …


Thank you sirs!
Adjusting the width indeed solves the issue!

Your response time, as always, is above par!