Testing my new site

Really liking hype 3 so attempted new site based around a gallery idea.
My main problems have been the size of the image files in the galleries which I would have preferred to load separately - but haven’t worked out how to do it yet - and have a lot more galleries to include ( someone on the forums said something about loading images within a html widget… haven’t figured it out yet ) Anyway work in progress…

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… er and the site would be: http://www.pdbrewster.com :wink:


In your gallery. First page third row middle img doesnot show up.
Incase you made a mistake. Lol
Btw. Its a really awosome website.

Ha ha - first of many, no doubt - that was fast testing btw

A…mistakes that is…

excellent work and a really great site!!

Thanks Nick (like your work, too)