Teenyicons and Company (icons ready for copy & paste)

These icons can be inserted into any rectangle without loading external resources, and they are soooooooo TEENY TINY and hardly take up space in your documents!


  1. Click the pen icon
  2. Insert the copied code from the above site
  3. (optional) Change the width and height to 100% for flexible size
  4. (optional) Remove color and border from the rectangle

Changing color

Fun little trick… because the icons use currentColor and the cascading color trick you can use the font color picker to define the color.


Another great and easy to use icon page… works nearly similar, so I won't add a guide on this follow-up resource. Just do it like described above. This resource allows you to set line thickness and more!


And here is another one:

Pasting it because they have nice app icons.

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