Tap or Touch action for buttons in iPad presentation

I’m about to build a presentation in Hype that will be saved on to an iPad and viewed offline. My basic question is: for Buttons (next, previous scene etc) do I use the “On mouse click (Tap)” or “On mouse down (Touch Start)” - on my test both seem to work but wondered which one is the best option before I build please.

Many thanks!

There is the swipe and there is the button. You have to choose to use what preset set action has to do what.

On Mouse Click (Tap) requires a touch/mouse down and a touch up on the same button. On Mouse Down (Touch Start) fires the event immediately on the touch down. Most OS buttons are typically using Click behavior, but sometimes the On Mouse Down behavior can make a document feel more responsive. With a click, if you have an accidental touch on the button you can drag to move off and the event will not fire, which is sometimes nice. It is really up to you!

(And as @Bendora brought up, using the Scene Swipe actions may offer a more natural iPad experience too)