Tap in iBook works on iPad but not on iPhone

I have published a beta version of my children´s book about the music detective. I have used Hype to create the widget for iBooks author, and published through apples service. The user is supposed to tap some musical notes that runs across the screen (on the third page in the story). This works on iPad, but not on iPhone 6/6s.

Here is the book. Tap the small thumbnail in the bottom left corner of the first scene to start the book.

Nice illustrations on the book!

This is unfortunately a bug. iOS 9 and 9.1 had an issue where audio would not work on tapping, so we made a workaround in Hype. iOS restored the functionality in 9.2, but the workaround we had broke it in a different way! This will be fixed in the next version of Hype that we hope to have out soon. Until then, there are these workarounds:

  • Use On Mouse Click actions instead of On Mouse Down
  • Uncheck ‘Use touch events’ in the Document Inspector