Tap and Touch Events not firing on iPad

I have generated a Hype application that has an image button that calls Javascript on “tap,click touch events etc”.

On the web all works fine. On an iPad they don’t fire.

  • Can you share a demo doc with us?
  • What version of iOS are you running?
  • What version of Hype?
  1. Hype 5
  2. iOS 13.1

w94.zip (569.0 KB)

The unique thing is that the HTML 5 app is running within a iPad native application.

iPad Native App HTML 5 viewer does not fire Hype events. However, with other development tools all event Archive.zip (569.0 KB) works fine.

What is this? Mobile Safari? Or some framework like Phonegap? Testing in regular Safari worked well:

I assume you’re referring to the ‘search’ button in the document you sent? Are you just testing the console.log functions or was there something else? It could be that console.log is not supported by whatever framework you’re loading your document into. Can you try triggering a timeline with the button?