Tablets: replicating mouseover actions

Looking for a solution (@media query or js-snippet?) to serve an alternative same-as-desktop-sized layout targeting on tablets.
The issue is that mouse over / mouse out actions I used in the first layout aimed to desktops, don’t fire on tablets.
In the ‘tablet’ layout I would replace mouse over actions with touch actions.
These days many tablets have 1024+ resolutions, almost same as desktop layout.

search the forum for layoutrequest. Within Hypes API this event is fired on … layoutrequest.

additional you’ll have to check for mobil or use modenizr to check for capabilities … then serve the wanted layout

using mobile-detect.js -> how to:
name your layouts for desktop equal except add a prefix to them -> ‘mobile_’ or ‘desktop_’
examplefile: (15.1 KB)

not well tested -> hope it’ll work :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much – hab’ Dank – for taking your time to deal with this special issue and for submitting a hype doc with a js-script that seems to do the trick!

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