Tab to move code block if there is a selection…

Please add the Tab moves block of code instead of deleting the selection and replacing it with a tab to the Hype internal editor. I see a lot of ill formed code in the files people upload. Specially when the copy and paste stuff. Indentation isn’t required by Javascript like in Python but it certainly makes live easier to understand missing brackets etc.

State in Hype code editor:

Sublime with the simple example (works even better with big code blocks):

PS: Also the color schema help to identify parts of the code and keywords.
Maybe food for though as that helps newbies understand code better.
PPS: Forgot the comas on the obj in the dummy code :wink:

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You know, I know Hype code area does not have this but I keep trying it every now and then out of bloody mindedness…

Yes Please… +1

Thanks for the requests! Looks like VScode configures the tab to do this also.

For anyone wondering how to indent or outdent code, you can use + ] or [



Oh gosh was that there all the time😯

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Boy, me to. I missed that feature and it was there all along. So the request needs to be adjusted:

If possible please map this to tab and shift tab!

How do I get those keys on a German Keyboard. I found them under the Format menu but they are not part of the German Keyboard layout… except when you press alt-5 and alt-6. But using alt-cmd-5 and 6 doesn’t do the trick either. So remapping to tab would work better from foreign countries… :wink:


for now you could try and remapped them in system settings application shortcuts.
You cannot use TAB but you should be able to map them to a command + something

Interesting, didn’t know those keys were so hard to use. How do you type the [ key currently? With fn or ‘alt’ ?

With the alt-key.

Thanks for the feedback. I believe way back when I was following the Xcode conventions of the day as I personally hate when tab doesn’t delete code. However now it looks like Xcode will indent/outdent if there’s a multi-line selection, which is probably a good compromise to use going forward.