Synchronized ads

Hello, we make Facebook ads with a tool called,
this tool combine additional images from our website with the price from our website.
Besides that, I put a theme on it.

Everything except the theme is automated.

Is that also possible with hype?
Should be fantastic, to integrate the images, in a hype ad.

below a piece of our feed, containing the image <additional_image_link_1></additional_image_link_1>

greet marcel

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I tried taking a look at adflow's dynamic image support, but it looks like most of the documentation/tutorials are in German (and my last name isn't helping me here...).

From the code snippet you showed, it appears that they might be doing server-side replacement of images?

Hype doesn't have any server-side components; it isn't an ad serving platform.

You'd have to build or use your own, and use JavaScript calls to make any replacements. (There's definitely a lot of solutions/posts on the forums on how to do data driven documents like this more manually).

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I'll have a look today.

Okay thanks ( I advice the company to make an English documentation :wink:
@bendora thanks

Who sanctioned to use
Dutch company. As a Dutch person I am shocked. Something like that exists for META's products.

You need a data driven add-on in your Hype File, so you can call the other image.
Newer problem and Johnathan wrote it, is the hosting of these files. I don't know how many impressions and clicks are calculated for this add. But it will be high traffic.

@MaxZieb do you have something lying around on your magic carpet to simplify this for @cartimundi?

To clarify, you want to do this with Hype for Social, or for Display?

To have multiple data driven ads is possible with Hype Data Magic but the idea is hindered somewhat because of the disability to deselect files. This is a long standing bug (feature request). Last time I checked it was still there.

Apart of that you can just create and ad an replace asset in the exported version (resource folder). Text content can be replaced in the JS file, but that wouldn’t be directly visual. You could preview it in the browser, though.

should be for display, because social works...with adflow

Thanks, the major of asking is, to automated it and save on manually work and failures.

Adflow can be running and exporting images for social and when there are change in a model or price, we just change it on the website and it is fixed

Well then it's easy. With Google studio you can run dynamic campaigns. Link Google spreadsheets to your banner, and control any variable you set.

(These campaigns are pricey tho)