Synchronize Editor and preview scrolling in Whisk 2

Even if I enable the option Synchronize Editor and Preview scrolling, it doesn’t work ! Can somebody help ? Thanks

Mac OS 10.14.6

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When the syncing hasn’t worked at all for me, it’s been because there are errors on the page that are causing browser issues. In each case, looking at the browser console [easily accessible with the ⓘ in the upper-right “view” section of the app] and resolving those issues has made the sync work.

By contrast, sometimes it doesn’t work perfectly. As noted in the manual,

  1. Scroll Sync: This will lock the scroll for the Source Editor and the Web Preview together, so that the proportionate amount is scrolled the same in both. It is most useful for mostly text documents where the mapping of HTML code to output can be easily correlated. More complex layouts or code can produce unpredictable results.

I can confirm that when the code is complex, it doesn’t work well. But fair enough—generally it works great.

I hope that helps. (Oh, and welcome, Morane!) :blush:

Hi Bruce,

Many thanks for your reply. In my case, I get no syncing whatever the code: simple or complex, with or without errors. So, I guess the issue is more complex. Jonathan says he will fix the bug in the next release.

Best regards

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There are some issues with scroll sync presently; I will take a stab at them for the next update. It turns out how this had to be implemented is pretty hacky and had more issues than I thought.