Sync audio with an animated image

is it possible to put a soundtrack in the line under a animated picture?
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Do you need to sync the sound with the animation?

You can’t really place a sound bite under the animated section but you can use the Timeline Actions (Zeitachsenaktionen) to play the sound and stop the sound at a certain point on the timeline.



Hello DBear!
A picture appears and the sound continues a little later.
Thanks to thank for your information, it works!
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A new problem to this topic.
A sound file of 1:42 minutes duration is always canceled after 1:09 minutes. The timeline includes 3 minutes. The timeline action to sound a tone out is set to 1:42 minutes. Why the sound always ends after 1:09 minutes?
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PS I don’t understand the reason.
I convert an m4a file with different quality to a mp3 file. When importing a small file (ca440kb) into Hype it is truncated about 30 seconds. In an external player, the entire file is playing.
If I choose a better sound quality (about 2 MB) of the entire file is transferred.

Hi @Appelmus

I’m not sure what could be happening here.
Can you share a document?


Hello DBear, many thanks for your answer!
It is only a theoretical problem.
Hype cuts off 30 seconds when a mp3 file (ca 444kb; 64kbps) was imported.
When I imported the same mp3 file (ca 880kb, 120kbps) in Hype, the entire sound is playing.
I’ve also enlarged the mp3 file; now it works.
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