Symmetry drawing via Reflection Convert to Vector?

It be great to see some sort of a mirror/symmetry drawing functionality down the line where one can choose a registry point around the object for a duplicate - maybe? As it stands now, reflections can give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Hypothetically speaking, if the reflection is tweaked with the following it be a ground breaking feature for illustrators.

  • no gradient

  • check box for creating a vector

  • direction point much like what you have for shadows

  • reflect rotation on axis

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Instead of reflection, another “hack” technique is you can use is to make a symbol, copy the instance, and flip it with y/x rotation. You’ll probably also want to turn on the toggle to show full opaque contents of the non-symbol elements while editing.

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that’s a bit of lengthy “hack” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but good one.

I was thinking the same. Just use a symbol. That’s what it is for! Not really a hack then.

When creating a symbol hype by default makes a containment box around the shape and when the shape is modified in the symbols timeline its size/dimensions or where the location of shape is not remembered in the project window - in other words, hype is unaware that the shape has been modified in the symbols timeline and the container is left the same way when exited from a symbol’s timeline.

Maybe if you rethink the symbol creation process and allow users an easier way to achieve the symmetry it be awesome.

In order for this “hack” to work a few things have to be taken into consideration at least from my point view.

• adjust the symbol container in real time
• allow toggle show/hide container of the symbol for distraction free symmetry creation
• allow opaqueness of duplicated symbols I’m not sure if hype has this now

This box in this state changes to showing outside symbols: