Symbols with unique attributes

(Tamara Cutler) #1

Is there a way to duplicate a symbol but modify the text inside the symbol independently of the original?
What I want is an independent clone.
To clarify. I want to create 10 of the same simple animations but the text I want to be different in each one.
Currently when I change the text in the duplicate it changes it in the original even if I name the symbol differently. It seems onerous to animate each one separately! Any solutions or alternate suggestions?

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

duplicate the symbol in the panel …

(Tamara Cutler) #3

Do you mean right click on the symbol then select “duplicate” from the dropdown?
Tried that and when I try to edit the text in the duplicate symbol it changes in the original also.
Sorry I’m new at this. Not quite getting what you mean. I also tried duplicating in the resources panel. It still does the same thing.


Try to go to the main menu and choose ‘Make Duplicate Symbol’ -command
instead of right-clicking on a symbol.
You will get a new independent copy of a symbol followed by a number and you can edit its content independently of the ‘parent’ symbol.

Hope it will help.

(Tamara Cutler) #5

Thanks guys, I got it! Cheers!
I duplicated the symbol in the resource panel. Renamed it, THEN dragged it onto the pasteboard from there.
The last step is what I was missing. It now works independent of the initial symbol.
Thanks for helping out.
All the best,