Symbol to return to its original load-state


I have a project where I have a reset button inside a symbol. Is there a way that I can reload the symbol like it would on scene load?

The javascript necessary for reloading the symbol becomes quite long. I just would like to reset the symbol to its original state. Let’s hope.


You do not need JS.

symbol (16.2 KB)

Thanks for the reply @MarkHunte. I tried that before, but it did not work. I have other timelines in play that have been triggered etc. in the meantime (a possible 36 timelines) and which have to be reset to their beginning. That’s why I was hoping to start from scratch with a reload of the symbol.

You could just reset the main time if the other timelines are started by it from key frame actions.

But without seeing what you are doing we could be throwing ideas out there all day… :smiley:

Maybe post an example project

Thanks Mark.
I did create a script that reset all timelines in the end. Which I think is basically what you suggested but not using a script but the Main Timeline.

Which made me think. I don’t use the Main Timeline as a rule for a lot of animation. I prefer to use other timelines for complicated projects. The main timeline I use maybe to start tings off etc. What is your philosophy around the main timeline?

Just a thought. Please don’t indulge if you don’t have time in the main. :sweat_smile:

The same as yours…

I do not mind indulging, it is just easier and saves time to not have to guess at setups.

This is an interesting feature request; I have filed it on our tracker.

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Hi @jonathan. It does make sense in a way. One can reload a scene, but not a symbol, that is like a scene within a scene.

Glad I can add something to the forums.


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Reloads the symbols on them.

But it does make sense to have an API to reload Symbol individually since in effect they are scenes

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