Symbol Timeline: Start Automatically?

In my Main Timeline, I've got 3 symbols (circles with an icon).

First Symbol's Timeline starts to play automatically. The Timeline of Symbol 2 doesn't play automatically. I don't think I have added something to start playback for Symbol 1, but I can't figure out, why Symbol 1 runs, but Symbol 2 does not.

Main Timeline

Please, provide your Hype file…

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A Hype file can help us advise on the structure or if you are hitting problems.

There are a few different ways to control symbol timeline playback, I suspect you'd just want to add a Symbol Action (which is in the properties timeline when the symbol element is selected). Please see this documentation:

If you want to run more than one symbol timelines with the same action, you can hit the "+" button on the action and add another Start Timeline… event.

Thanks and sorry for the late reply. Did get an email notification.

For some reason, the Symbol Action was not at place. Perhaps it wasn't set properly or I removed it mistakenly.

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There's a few cases where Hype will automatically add symbol actions to play the main timeline on your scene's main timeline (like when creating a symbol), but in most other cases Hype cannot intuit the most likely behavior and you will need to manually add them. Hype never adds symbol actions for a symbol's non-main-timelines.

Good to know! Thanks.

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