Symbol Stuck in Front

I opened up an older file today to make an update, and have a weird thing going on with my menu (symbol). It's setup below other elements (nbrhood_bigimage is the bottom background image, and nbrhood_streetmap is the graphic that slides over top of the menu and everything else). When a button launches the timeline, in the edit window, it works as it should... the graphic overlays the menu. However, on export or preview in a browser, it doesn't work the same way... the menu is on top of everything. See below:

Screen Shot 2021-01-07 at 11.51.45 AM

What it looks like before graphic slides over top:

How it looks when editing (it looks and works correctly, hiding the menu when an image slides over top):

All of the above is working correctly. When I preview the scene in any browser, and the image slides up over top of the menu, the menu shows up on top of everything:

I'm stumped. Nothing has been done to this file in quite some time. And the only update I made was replacing out a single graphic image with another.

Any thoughts/help is appreciated. Running Hype Pro 4.1.2 (Mac App Store). Thank you.

Update: On preview, Safari and Chrome show it incorrectly (menu on top). It works correctly in Firefox (menu underneath graphic as it looks when editing it in Hype).

you may add a link and/or hypefile ...

Yes! I've attached a link to the Hype file. This issue is happening on any scene in the file where an image goes over the menu. The other odd thing is, if I move a scene where this is an issue to be the first scene in the document, it works as expected. The specific scene I was referring to above is the Neighborhood scene. Many thanks!

i can't experience this ... the plan if in front of the menu
anyway ... this is the file i previewed:

Hmmm. That is strange. The file I downloaded from you does the same thing on my end that mine was doing. Must be something with my browsers? Very odd. I appreciate you taking the time to look at the file.

I'd try then to convert the persistant symbol to a normal symbol or as a first step disable "symbol in front on scenechanges" ...

persistent symbols tend to jump in z-index regarding their nesting (stack order)

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Thank you. I tried both suggestions, and the switch to normal symbol made it work correctly. I appreciate your help. Thanks again and have a great day!