Symbol store and symbol library

Hype is awesome for creating interactive prototypes but I miss two things:

A symbol library that would be available across documents including categorisation function. And maybe the ability to create packs of symbols. Such as iOS8, Material design etc.

A place where you could download / purchase or freely share symbols. Ideal you could search for symbols according to categories, and preview them within hype itself, and add them to your document.

This could create great ecosystem of symbols that could get interactive prototypes of the ground very quickly and make hype the premier interactive prototype tool.

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Many of us have also shared our work during the beta on the forum feel free to grab anything that is out there. The more we all learn in these groups the better! :smile:

This is a great idea and something we would like to do at some point in the future. In the meantime the you can export symbols as .hypesymbol files to share with others. Hopefully we will see some threads on the forum sharing creations in categories such as iOS8 and Material Design.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Stephen…I am just going to claim ignorance on this one but how do you save the symbols out as .hypesymbol?
Do you select the symbol and then select File/Export?


You can select the symbol and then go to Symbol->Export Symbol…

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