Symbol on every page

I’m new to Hype Pro, and my forum search has not found an answer to this exactly…

I’m like the idea of easily being able to add a graphic element that functions as a button that I have created to every scene in the exact same place relative to the other scenes (for example - a button in the lower right corner). However, I want the functionality of that button to differ per scene.

So far, I find the easiest way to accomplish this goal is to simply keep dragging my graphic into each individual scene.

I thought making the graphic a “symbol” would work, but that’s become more trouble because if I make a chance to the functionality of the symbol in one scene, it makes it the same.

Is there a way to add a graphic to every scene easily in the same place without locking in functionality?



There are a couple of ways. Duplicate Symbols.

Or code that knows which scene is current and then uses the appropriate function/code for that button on that scene.

What is the functionality that you need for each scene?

There’s not too much by way of shortcuts for a single element - about the best is that it will retain its position information if you copy it from one scene to another, and then you can change it how you’d like on that scene. If you’re dealing with a lot of elements, you may also get mileage out of duplicating symbols. There’s also programmatic ways to deal with this, but it sounds like you’re more interested in a scene editor workflow solution.

This is something we’d like to address in a future version… either through symbol overrides or selective syncing of properties on “linked” elements.