Symbol keeps going to the start of its timeline


I’m having a scene on which I’ve placed a symbol. On the scene, I have my own navigation in the top right and I’ve added some onhover actions to the text in the navigation with their respective animations in the timeline. So, if I hover my mouse on the first page, an underline grows to its 100% size and reduces back to 0% when mouse is moved away. All these animations are on the timeline of the scene.

Now, the symbol is basically a slideshow of images. It is an infinite looping animation. To keep it isolated from the scene, I have added another timeline to the symbol (the primary one being Main Timeline). On the Main Timeline at 0 seconds, I’ve added a trigger to custom behaviour. The custom behaviour goes to 0 seconds on the timeline of my symbol and continues it.

The problem is, whenever I move my mouse on my navigation in the top, the slideshow resets to the start. What can I do about it?

Here’s my file:

Hei Hrishikesh,
it´s never a good idea to place mouseOver effects on the Main Timeline - not to say - it´s definitely a very bad idea :slight_smile: . Instead create a (relative) timeline for each mouseOver effect and things should work.

Best regards,

P.S.: Changed your illustrations and only left two, because the file was way to big… (237.8 KB)


That’s perfect. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: