Symbol / dropdown menu issue

I want to create this drop down menu using symbols so it can be used throughout the site. I reckon I am on the right track yet I stumbled onto an issue giving me a lot of brainpain.
Attachment is very scaled down and self-explanatory, but shows the fault still.
When one "click this one” it changes the scene correctly, but also it displays a glimpse of the map before going away. This shall not happen as it is "hidden”. Why is this? (250.5 KB)

This I think is due to the mouse out and mouse over actions.

Well, I dare to believe so too. What I mean though is that if one follow every step in every “action” it should not act like it, I reckon. Yet it does. That is what puzzles me.

Can one override ongoing ”actions" when using symbols which stretches over more then one scene? I’ve tried “on symbol unload”, yet it do not seems to work in this case as the "mouse over” is interfering. So Is it possible to reset all ongoing "actions” in symbols at once with an overriding command?
Is it possible to set a delay in the ”instant” transition between scenes?

It may be an idea to try and the break things up a bit so you have more control over sections rather than the one main symbol that looks like it holds and controls everything

Yes, I reckon that is what I have to do. I’ll see what happens. Thanks for the suggestion.